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Progressing Leadership by Following a Process

In this session, you will learn why leadership is a process to be refined instead of a skill to be learned, as well as the importance of measuring and tracking leadership progress over time.

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Featured Elite Level Leader – Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Many people exit [Hamilton] thinking about what they are going to leave behind [in their legacy]. ”
– Lin-Manuel Miranda
Composer, Actor & Producer of Hamilton and In The Heights

From the book, “The Path to Elite Level Leadership.“
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Learn the program. Be accountable. Improve your leadership!

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Ten Healthcare Leadership Lessons from Hamilton the Musical

I’m looking forward to leading this leadership webinar on lessons from the Hamilton Musical for AMN Healthcare. It should be very enlightening and a lot of fun!

Topic: Ten Healthcare Leadership Lessons from Hamilton the Musical

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Inspiring Leadership Speaking Topics for 2021!

Ongoing leadership learning is critical to continued growth and lessons are everywhere. The year 2020 was tough for us all, therefore Professor Bennett has developed some entertaining and engaging speaking topics for 2021. Live events are being booked for post July 1st and virtual events all year. Read more about his speaking and schedule him.

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Putting the Precision into Precision Medicine

I was invited to speak at Oxford Global’s inaugural Precision Medicine Congress, April 25 and 26 in London, England. My topic, “Big Data Analytics for Precision Medicine”, stood out from the other presentations, as intended, since I was one of few non-clinicians or genomics scientists invited to speak at the Congress but believe that as I professor and data scientist I was able to hold my own. As an added bonus, I had to pleasure to meet a ‘Sir’ and a ‘Dame’, which are knighthood titles bestowed on extraordinary subjects, in recognition of their great achievement or outstanding service to the United Kingdom. Both worked in the healthcare industry either in the public or private sectors.

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Prescribing Leadership: How Can Leaders Better Prepare for The Dynamic World of Healthcare?

When most people think about the challenges of implementing healthcare analytics, they wrongly expect it to be the data, talent or technology.

In a recent study, leadership was actually identified by participants as the top challenge. Unfortunately, the skills that made healthcare leaders successful in the past may not be enough to be successful in the future.

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MAY 15-16, 2017

Medical Informatics World 2016

April 4-5, 2016, Boston, MA

Now in its fourth year, Medical Informatics World has become a must-attend industry event, uniting senior-level executives and industry leaders representing all the major contributors to a new era of healthcare. More than 400 providers, payers, technology providers, biomedical scientists, academic researchers, informaticists and national health organizations come together to discuss emerging trends and collaborations in health IT for improved outcomes in the healthcare ecosystem. Focused tracks allow the community to delve into the most pressing topics of cross-industry data sharing, population health, patient engagement, and clinical decision support. Keeping pace with the evolving industry, coverage has now expanded to include quantitative imaging and radiomics, predictive analytics and interoperability.

ACO Provider Management & Network Building Summit

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Dec. 8-9: Data to Action: New Approaches to Use Data to Impact ACO Outcomes

ACO Provider Management & Network Building Summit

San Diego, CA

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Join us for The 2015 ACO Provider Management & Network Building Summit for strategies to improve provider engagement, partnerships to multiply savings, strategies for better care coordination, embracing payment model changes, and much more!

We all know the importance of maintaining a high quality network of providers, maintaining a robust IT infrastructure, and improving care coordination for cost-saving profits. We also know that challenges will continue as the evolution of the ACO model adapts to meet all stakeholders’ expectations. However, the big question is HOW do you truly build and optimize your entire ACO network for continued growth and success?
Through in-depth research with a wide-array of quality thought leaders, we’ve carefully crafted an agenda that’s primed to be the ultimate ACO management conference!

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ACO & Population Health Management

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Sept 15-16: Population Health Analytics

ACO & Population Health Management / Telemedicine and Telehealth Congress

September 15-16, 2015

Dallas, TX

Regardless of which financial business model a healthcare organization chooses to follow, they will need to reduce costs in order to survive and remain profitable. The need to reduce costs is even more critical for accountable care organizations. Other industries have ‘weathered the storm’ and have become lean in their operations. To reach their goals, the tool of choice was analytics. Now it’s healthcare’s turn.

Analytics are needed to uncover operational inefficiencies in the organization and identify customer/ patient opportunities. More specifically, predictive analytics is utilized to determine what is likely to happen in the future and illuminate potential actions the organization should take now. In healthcare, it can be used to highlight who potentially will be your healthiest (least costly) or unhealthiest (most costly) patients in your portfolio. Armed with this information, your organization will be able to manage your patient portfolio the way other industries manage their customer portfolios. You keep your healthy patients well with a program of preventive care and you manage the care of the less healthy patients to provide the best level of care while minimizing their cost of care. Mr. Smith might appear perfectly healthy today, but 3 months from now he is likely to suffer a preventable ailment.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The advantages of having a healthcare analytics program.
  • What it takes to implement a successful healthcare analytics program in your organization, including assessing readiness, the stumbling blocks you will likely face and the most overlooked key component to your success or failure.
  • Tips on implementing and maintaining the right training, processes and technology for ongoing success.