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The Ethics of AI in Healthcare

I’m looking to participating in this panel discussion on September 29th for #aimed. There are no #AI shortcuts to #aihealthcare. Like anything else, you have to build a solid foundation to be successful. I discuss many of these concepts in my book Competing on Healthcare Analytics and in my analytics classes at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies.

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The Challenges of Implementing Healthcare Analytics

An insight into predictive analytics that is the basis for real-time or near real-time decision support that is still rare among healthcare organisations.

Healthcare analytics has the potential to help identify possible health risks, promote better health and deliver more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. There are several challenges that must be overcome before healthcare can deliver on that promise.

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Certificate in Business Analytics from Northwestern University

Are you interested in a career in business analysis? According to Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America list for 2018, Analytics Manager was in the top 20. In fact, 6 of the top 50 jobs were analytics or data related. These jobs were selected based on earning potential, jobs satisfaction and number of job openings.

Start today by earning your Certificate in Business Analytics online from Northwestern University. The program is comprised of four core, 8-week courses. In under a year, you could be working in the analytics field or enhancing your current position.

Join me as I teach the Analytics Communication and Management starting January 27th. Slots are still open but register soon.

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On Seeing the Future of Health IT for Myself

SAN FRANCISCO — EHRs are everywhere … no, wait, you already know that. What’s more elusive, though, is exactly what the next generation of health IT will look like. But I caught a glimpse last week at the Healthcare IT News Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum.

The usual suspects were on hand: population health and precision medicine, predictive and prescriptive analytics, even natural language processing and, not coincidentally, big data itself.



Predictive Analytics May Save Healthcare Budgets 15%, Survey Finds

Ninety-three percent of healthcare provider and payer executives agree predictive analytics are important to the future of their business, according to a Society of Actuaries report.

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It’s Time for Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been charged with making significant changes in the last few years. From value-based care, to population health and now precision medicine. Unfortunately, many hospital systems will not be successful due to the need for better leadership.

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Putting the Precision into Precision Medicine

I was invited to speak at Oxford Global’s inaugural Precision Medicine Congress, April 25 and 26 in London, England. My topic, “Big Data Analytics for Precision Medicine”, stood out from the other presentations, as intended, since I was one of few non-clinicians or genomics scientists invited to speak at the Congress but believe that as I professor and data scientist I was able to hold my own. As an added bonus, I had to pleasure to meet a ‘Sir’ and a ‘Dame’, which are knighthood titles bestowed on extraordinary subjects, in recognition of their great achievement or outstanding service to the United Kingdom. Both worked in the healthcare industry either in the public or private sectors.

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4 Questions With Rush CIO Dr. Shafiq Rab

Dr. Shafiq Rab, CIO of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, uses his background in public health to inform his IT vision.

Dr. Rab, who completed his medical degree and internal medicine residency at Karachi, Pakistan-based Dow Medical College, had his interest in public health piqued during one of his first physician jobs. While treating an urban squatters settlement in Pakistan, he worked with non-governmental organizations to address the infant mortality rate, mainly by bringing clean drinking water to its residents.

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Please join me at my leadership presentation for this conference.


MAY 15-16, 2017

5 Must-Haves for Effective Analytics in Clinical Decision-Making

In healthcare, data is king. Clinicians rely on data to make informed decisions at the point-of-care and ultimately propel patients’ health forward. However, the wealth of unstructured data captured by IT systems in hospitals may prove fruitless if physicians can’t use it to inform care decisions in real time. Analytics must be straightforward, easily digestible and accessible to help physicians personalize and improve patient care planning.

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