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Sept 15-16: Population Health Analytics

ACO & Population Health Management / Telemedicine and Telehealth Congress

September 15-16, 2015

Dallas, TX

Regardless of which financial business model a healthcare organization chooses to follow, they will need to reduce costs in order to survive and remain profitable. The need to reduce costs is even more critical for accountable care organizations. Other industries have ‘weathered the storm’ and have become lean in their operations. To reach their goals, the tool of choice was analytics. Now it’s healthcare’s turn.

Analytics are needed to uncover operational inefficiencies in the organization and identify customer/ patient opportunities. More specifically, predictive analytics is utilized to determine what is likely to happen in the future and illuminate potential actions the organization should take now. In healthcare, it can be used to highlight who potentially will be your healthiest (least costly) or unhealthiest (most costly) patients in your portfolio. Armed with this information, your organization will be able to manage your patient portfolio the way other industries manage their customer portfolios. You keep your healthy patients well with a program of preventive care and you manage the care of the less healthy patients to provide the best level of care while minimizing their cost of care. Mr. Smith might appear perfectly healthy today, but 3 months from now he is likely to suffer a preventable ailment.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The advantages of having a healthcare analytics program.
  • What it takes to implement a successful healthcare analytics program in your organization, including assessing readiness, the stumbling blocks you will likely face and the most overlooked key component to your success or failure.
  • Tips on implementing and maintaining the right training, processes and technology for ongoing success.

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