ACO Provider Management & Network Building Summit

ACO Provider Management & Network Building Summit

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Dec. 8-9: Data to Action: New Approaches to Use Data to Impact ACO Outcomes

ACO Provider Management & Network Building Summit

San Diego, CA

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Join us for The 2015 ACO Provider Management & Network Building Summit for strategies to improve provider engagement, partnerships to multiply savings, strategies for better care coordination, embracing payment model changes, and much more!

We all know the importance of maintaining a high quality network of providers, maintaining a robust IT infrastructure, and improving care coordination for cost-saving profits. We also know that challenges will continue as the evolution of the ACO model adapts to meet all stakeholders’ expectations. However, the big question is HOW do you truly build and optimize your entire ACO network for continued growth and success?
Through in-depth research with a wide-array of quality thought leaders, we’ve carefully crafted an agenda that’s primed to be the ultimate ACO management conference!

Topics at a Glance:

  • A Risk Management Primer: Improving Your ACO Financial & Population Health Performance
  • The Evolution of ACOs: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Headed?
  • Focus on Value: Strategies to Transition Providers from Volume to Value Mindsets and Practices
  • Building Bridges with Strategic Partners to Strengthen ACO Network and Care Coordination
  • Complying with Final Rule Decisions to Achieve New CMS Requirements
  • Recruiting Providers that Embrace Quality Metrics and Coordinated Care Initiatives
  • What Do Providers Want? Achieving Effective Network Management by Understanding Provider Needs
  • Case Study: Identifying and Managing Post-Acute Health Needs
  • Creating Meaningful Patient Engagement from High-Achievers
  • Metamorphosis of the ACO Field – Special Three-Part Discussion
  • Optimize Savings and Manage Risks with Bundled Payments
  • Leveraging Employer Contacts for Increased Profits
  • The New Era of Care Delivery and How to Get There: Applying for Next Gen ACO

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