Competing on Healthcare Analytics Discovery Tool


To become a healthcare analytics competitor, an organization must use advanced analytics to create an organization that provides better care at a lower cost on a profitable basis. These advantages have been achieved by many industries for many years. It’s just coming to healthcare as electronic data is just becoming available for analysis. Healthcare can use many of the same principles to not only be more competitive but also more efficient.

The Competing on Healthcare Analytics Discovery Tool, is based on the book Competing on Healthcare Analytics by J. Bryan Bennett, was created to help healthcare organizations contemplate, articulate and document how they will become better healthcare analytics competitors. It is derived from Davenport’s Competing on Analytics and is applied to the healthcare industry. It features four healthcare specific key characteristics of most analytically sophisticated and successful firms. Once the organization has articulated and documented their plan to meet these characteristics, they must document how they plan to sustain these competitive capabilities.

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Competing on Healthcare Analytics Discovery Tool - Fill-In PDF
Competing on Healthcare Analytics Discovery Tool - Fill-In PDF
Featuring 4 healthcare-specific key characteristics of analytically sophisticated and successful firms and 5 healthcare-specific competitiveness sustainability plans. Fill-In PDF