Prescribing Leadership: How Can Leaders Better Prepare for The Dynamic World of Healthcare?

Prescribing Leadership: How Can Leaders Better Prepare for The Dynamic World of Healthcare?


When most people think about the challenges of implementing healthcare analytics, they wrongly expect it to be the data, talent or technology.

In a recent study, leadership was actually identified by participants as the top challenge. Unfortunately, the skills that made healthcare leaders successful in the past may not be enough to be successful in the future. Managing change requires a very special skillset. Healthcare’s transformation has illuminated many of these deficiencies. Starting with EHRs, then adding ICD-10, population health and advanced analytics, healthcare leaders have been challenged with making substantial changes in a short amount of time.

However, what is billed as leadership development today is usually focused on leadership as a skill, when, in fact, it is a process that must be prescribed and practiced every day using the same approach taken by professional athletes worldwide for decades.

The one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development offered by typical programs doesn’t consider an individual’s personality and capabilities. You can’t learn “skill x” one day and expect to be a better leader the next. True leadership growth requires ongoing development and feedback.

The first step to becoming a better leader is to understand the influences that impact effective leadership and then applying them to the leader’s current situation. The second and final step is to apply a five-step professional leadership process, which is a personalized program based on an individual’s innate qualities and strengths.

It is designed as a continually improving process to help leaders develop and adapt a personalized leadership vision and philosophy for utilization in their daily leadership routine.

The program creates better leaders by incorporating the most often overlooked steps that research indicates are essential to better leadership development. If properly applied, it will be the last leadership program you will ever need.

The findings from this study will be among the vast topics presented by me and others at the Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum, held May 15-16 in San Francisco.

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