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The Ethics of AI in Healthcare

I’m looking to participating in this panel discussion on September 29th for #aimed. There are no #AI shortcuts to #aihealthcare. Like anything else, you have to build a solid foundation to be successful. I discuss many of these concepts in my book Competing on Healthcare Analytics and in my analytics classes at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies.

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C-suite Buy-in: What Data-Driven Healthcare Orgs Have in Common

SAN FRANCISCO — Though it can be difficult to quantify just when a health organization has embraced analytics, but you usually can tell when its executives are engaged with the data.

“They’re excited about providing solutions to improve quality measures, improve patient outcomes,” said Joycee Berin, director of business intelligence at UCLA Health, at the Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum on Tuesday. “If that’s at the leadership level, I feel we’ve reached analytics maturity.”

In contrast, some in the C-suite may be stuck in old ways of thinking. They either “don’t think analytics is that important,” or else they’re “not engaged with following through on the insights and making sure we improve workflows to gain that better performance based on data insights,” she said.


5 thoughts on the future of healthcare from Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove

When Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, MD, president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic, was a high school junior, his father took him to visit a family friend who was a college professor.

“Naturally, the conversation turned into, ‘What do we need to do to get Toby into college,'” Dr. Cosgrove told the audience during a keynote at Becker’s Hospital Review’s 8th Annual Meeting in Chicago. Rhoda Weiss, PhD, speaker, author, consultant and co-chair of the meeting, moderated the conversation. The professor said he was not interested in Dr. Cosgrove’s IQ, but rather his GQ —  a term that neither Dr. Cosgrove nor his father had heard before.

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5 Must-Haves for Effective Analytics in Clinical Decision-Making

In healthcare, data is king. Clinicians rely on data to make informed decisions at the point-of-care and ultimately propel patients’ health forward. However, the wealth of unstructured data captured by IT systems in hospitals may prove fruitless if physicians can’t use it to inform care decisions in real time. Analytics must be straightforward, easily digestible and accessible to help physicians personalize and improve patient care planning.

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Physician Experience 101: Making Lives Easier And Healthier

Physicians are the ones anchoring the ship of healthcare in a sea of variables. Technological advancements are as they may, one cannot elude the touch and presence of a physician in healthcare. Everyone admits that healthcare needs to be fixed, but that would require a radical transformation where doctors would be the central players. Doctors have been known to approach their work with energy and enthusiasm and are responsible for at least 75% of all quality and cost-related decisions.


Process – The Neglected Continuum in Healthcare

Healthcare is undergoing a period of tremendous change, and while EHRs have gotten a great deal of attention, lately, the implementation of an EHR is only the first step in a long journey to becoming a data-enabled healthcare organization.

Process – The Neglected Continuum in Healthcare.