Featured Elite Level Leader – Dave Raymond, Sweet Baby Ray’s

Featured Elite Level Leader – Dave Raymond, Sweet Baby Ray’s


“Leaders have to do everything they can to set their team up for success.”
– Dave Raymond, Creator and Co-Founder, Sweet Baby Ray’s Sauces

From the book, “The Path to Elite Level Leadership.”

I met Dave at the San Diego airport as were both waiting on our flight to Chicago. He saw my Kellogg shirt and started talking to me about how some students from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management consulted with him when his business was growing. I knew about the program since I also took the same class and was involved with consulting another local business while I attended Kellogg. I asked him for an interview for my book and we met at his offices over a lunch of food from the Sweet Baby Ray’s Restaurant.

We shared stories about growing up in Chicago and how they got started. He sold the sauce business to Ken’s Food in 2005. They are now the leading barbeque sauce in the U.S. I left full of good food, full of joy from his stories and full of happiness for his journey.
Visit them at: sbrbbq.com/

Order you copy of the book at: EliteLevelLeadership.com

Dave Raymond and Bryan Bennett in the Sweet Baby Ray’s Catering Office

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