Measuring Leadership: A Case Study

Measuring Leadership: A Case Study


In an ongoing leadership development training program, we conducted 3 cohorts of the Elite Leadership Training (ELT) program at a hospital in Chicago. The second cohort included leaders who reported directly or indirectly to the organization’s C-Level and other top executives to the leaders, who participated in the first cohort. The second cohort was the largest and the one which yielded the most data to analyze, which is the subject of this case study.

The proprietary Leadership Impact Assessment (LIA) was used to quantify and monitor the results of the leadership improvement training, with the survey taken before the course and at 3-month, 6-month and 12-month increments after the course completion. The pre-course average LIA (below) for the cohort indicated they were below (red boxes) the population average across seven of the nine dimensions and only slightly above average for two dimensions, assessing and reflecting.

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