Featured Elite Level Leader – Mike Sievert

Featured Elite Level Leader – Mike Sievert


“As a leader, I have always focused on staying true to myself.”
– Mike Sievert, President & CEO of T-Mobile

From the book, “The Path to Elite Level Leadership.“

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Learn the program. Be accountable. Improve your leadership!

Mike sent me a thank me note to me for an article I wrote about his predecessor at T-Mobile, John Legere. Since then, we have corresponded several times about his work and T-Mobile. I had been following John online for awhile because I liked his unconventional but very effective leadership style. When Mike took over, he took a more traditional approach to leading while keeping some of the non-traditional approaches of his predecessor. The core principle of Elite Level Leadership is that each leader must find their own leadership style to be successful. After all, you can’t lead like me, and I can’t lead like you.

I’m happy to include Mike’s story on understanding who you are as a person and as a leader in the book.

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