Featured Elite Level Leader – Gina London

Featured Elite Level Leader – Gina London


“Communications is not a soft skill. It’s a critical skill and it’s one you need [as a leader].”
– Gina London, CEO of Language of Leadership
From the Foreword to the book, “The Path to Elite Level Leadership.“

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Learn the program. Be accountable. Improve your leadership!

Gina is an Emmy-winning former CNN correspondent and anchor. She works with the top companies and executives around the world to guide them to connect and engage with their employees, their board and themselves more positively. She provides interactive and motivational keynote speeches on the power of communicating with purpose and impact.

I met Gina at a tech conference in Chicago several years ago and realized I was in the presence of a skilled communicator. We talked after her presentation and we have been colleagues ever since exchanging calls and emails over the years from here in the U.S. to her home in Ireland.

I am excited she was able to contribute the Foreword for my book with her insights on the importance of leadership communication.

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