Time to Get Off the Leadership “Development” Merry-Go-Round

Time to Get Off the Leadership “Development” Merry-Go-Round

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Are you still riding the leadership development merry-go-round? You know the one that goes up and down, with its highs and lows, but goes nowhere except back to where you started. That’s what your typical leadership development program is like.

I was sitting in the lobby area at a conference earlier this year. One of the attendees sat down and stated he was looking in the conference resource area for a book on leadership but decided against purchasing one because they were all about the same and contained nothing new. I agreed with him and stated they all want people to believe they have the ‘magic bullet’ to make anyone a better leader. While everyone can learn from leadership training, the great leaders have something innately that gives them a higher leadership ceiling.

Just think about. How many great leaders became that way because of training? I’ve met with many across multiple industries and the answer is very few. I’ve read articles that stated that what separates the high performers from the average performer was primarily hard work and practice. I’m all for the hard work and practice, but you have to start with something. I don’t believe all the hard work and practice in the world could turn me into violinist Itzhak Perlman, quarterback Joe Montana or singer Jennifer Hudson. You have to start with something and improve on it with hard work and practice.

That’s why we developed the Professional Leadership Training Program. It’s a program focused on improving a person’s leadership based on their personal innate leadership qualities. The 12-month program is designed to help leaders and inspiring leaders embrace a leadership improvement process that they can follow for a lifetime. It’s personalized, continuously-improving leadership you can take along any journey you desire (bye-bye merry-go-round). Learn more about the program in one of our upcoming webinars.

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