Have You Tried Professional Leadership Training Yet?

Have You Tried Professional Leadership Training Yet?

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Professional Leadership Training (PLT) is a unique, proven and comprehensive approach to leadership improvement.

  • Unique: The PLT program is different from most non-academic approaches to leadership training since it is process-based versus skills-based. By using a process-based approach we can deliver a program that is personalized and continuously-improving.
  • Proven: The PLT program is built on years of scientific, academic and business research by our firm and many others. We have directly interviewed many leaders in healthcare, business and sports to learn the secrets to their leadership success. Additionally, we have conducted the program at hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and online and have documented significant leadership improvement through the use of our proprietary Leadership Impact Survey.
  • Comprehensive: The PLT program has been called the most complete leadership vision seen by people who’ve had extensive military and business leadership training. It’s not a single class but a 12-month program. The course alone covers innate leadership qualities, leadership influences and the leadership process. Post-course includes scheduled leadership coaching, to make sure the participants have properly implemented the program and to answer any questions they may have, as well as leadership impact tracking to document their leadership improvement.

It’s called ‘Professional’ because it’s based on the way professional athletes and other professionals continue to train to be the best at their craft with regular reflection and coaching. This results in a personalized, continuously-improving leadership plan.

It is conducted in 2 formats. The online delivery model is the 6-week guided study that includes live weekly lectures with your instructor or a self-study / self-paced model that includes all 6 modules, with recorded lectures and is designed to accommodate those whose schedule might not allow them to meet for a live weekly session. The onsite model is a 2-day course that includes a personal assessment review, in-person lectures, interactive and roll-play exercises. The final outcome of both formats is a completed personalized leadership plan that is adaptable to almost any situation a leader may encounter.

This is what others who have enrolled in the program have said:

  • 10 out of 10 – great course and recommended to all leaders and future leaders.
  • The content was good and relevant to all industries, not just healthcare.
  • Taking this course has allowed me to opportunity to review and adjust my leadership style to become a more effective leader.
  • I liked the systematic approach to self-evaluation and peer review. It gave a well-rounded perspective. I like how I can use it for leadership development of all levels of leaders in my organization as well as self-development.
  • Leadership is a process with ongoing learning among other items.
  • The course has allowed me the opportunity to show more humility, empathy, and start developing more personal relationship with managers, peers and followers.
  • Learning always allows for us to reflect on certain situations and reminds us how to use what we have learned to continue to lead with excellence. Self-reflection on how we handle situations is important; to evaluate what worked and what did not.

What are you waiting for?

Cohort #5 of our online guided-study program starts January 7, 2019. The self-study version can start anytime within 60 days after enrollment. You can save 30% on both programs through 12/9/18 at improvemyleadership.com.

We are currently booking onsite courses for 2019. If your organization, association or group (minimum 8 participants) would like an onsite course please request more information on our website and receive similar discounts.

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