“Free Your Mind,” Matrix Style With Great Stories

“Free Your Mind,” Matrix Style With Great Stories


As we learned in “The Matrix”, perception is not always reality. That is also true to when it comes to leadership. Leaders are only as good as their people perceive them to be.

In our Professional Leadership Training programs, we address the perception versus reality dichotomy with a peer assessment. Participants are usually surprised to see that what they considered to be their leadership attributes were not what their peers thought, both positively and negatively.

The Matrix is also a very unique and compelling story. It includes many of the basic elements of a good story including, well-developed characters, emotional content and a relatable hero facing a challenge that changes him.

The same is true for storytelling. Not everyone is good at it initially. There is an art to storytelling, and it takes practice to learn how to tell an effective story that people will remember. Just like Neo in the Matrix, choose the red ‘reality’ pill and enroll in our Storytelling for Leaders Master Class today as space is limited! Tell them Morpheus (me) sent you.

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