Join Me at the Medical Informatics World 2016

Join Me at the Medical Informatics World 2016

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medical informatics world (2)On April 4-5 I will be presenting at the Fourth Annual Medical Informatics World Conference 2016 in Boston, MA.

On April 4th I will be co-leading a breakout discussion group on Population Health Analytics and on April 5th, I will be presenting, “The Foundational Approach to Population Health Analytics”.

The shift from a fee for service business model to one based on population health requires healthcare organizations to not only understand the health of the patients in their portfolio but also, predict potential future health challenges. This presentation will help organizations understand the building blocks that must be in place to effectively compete using healthcare analytics. Guidelines for analytics implementation will be reviewed as well as presenting how it can be used to compete using healthcare analytics.

Please join me and a few hundred of your colleagues as we focus on to effectively use analytics in healthcare.

Professor Bennett

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