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3 Questions with J. Bryan Bennett for the Becker’s 9th Annual Meeting

On April 14th, I will give a presentation on “The Personalized Leadership Journey” at Becker’s Hospital Review’s 9th Annual Meeting. Other speakers on the agenda include: Bernard Tyson (CEO of Kaiser Permanente), Teri Fontenot (CEO of Women’s Hospital), Dr. John Noseworthy (CEO of Mayo Clinic), Lloyd Dean (CEO of Dignity Health) and former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

My presentation will discuss how ‘pundits’ will use hundreds of words to describe what it takes to be a leader when the truth of the matter is that all that is really needed to be a good leader is to be them self. This personalized approach to leadership is detailed in my book Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare.

As part of an ongoing series, Becker’s is talking to healthcare leaders who plan to speak at the conference, which will take place April 11-14, 2018 in Chicago.

READ THE INTERVIEW ON BECKER’S and see why I consider Chris Van Gorder and John Couris  special leaders.

Unwrap These Leadership Gifts for 2018

We hope you’re having a great holiday season. We have several leadership gifts to help you make 2018 the best year ever. If you ‘unwrap’ these gifts in time, you will receive a lifetime of leadership based on our proprietary 5-step Professional Leadership Process. This leadership improvement program is a personalized, continuously-improving  process based on an individual’s innate qualities, personality and abilities and is designed to be learned once and adaptable to almost any situation the leader or potential leader may encounter. Read more about The Professional Leadership Difference.

To help you ‘lead’ the way in 2018, we have made these offers available for you:

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Season’s Greeting from the HCOE

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Wishing you all a great 2018.

BOOK REVIEW: “…One of the Best and Most Powerful Leadership Books I Have Read”

“This is one of the best and most powerful leadership books I have read. It is a concise and practical roadmap for developing leaders. Bennett defines leadership as a process rather than a position, with leaders being both “born and made”. He relates leadership to sports and makes a strong parallel to professional athletes who must train themselves to become even better.

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“Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare” Revised Version is Available

A revised version of my book “Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare” was published on Amazon last week. The revision includes a new Foreword and many of the great reviews received on the book. You can save $2 until 12/31/17 on a SIGNED copy on our site at or order an unsigned copy from Amazon at The book is based on insights from years of personal research, leadership course instruction, six sigma process training and my personal leadership journey. It presents a unique, proven and comprehensive approach to leadership development that helps create a personalized, continuously-improving leadership game plan for people at any level of the organization to follow. It’s like precision medicine for leaders.

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The Great Leadership Debate

The great debate about leadership is whether leaders are born or made. The correct answer is “Yes”. Some people have certain innate qualities that gives them a high potential for leadership (born). They can still become better leaders though through additional training. On the other hand, others without all of the innate qualities can become better leaders through training (made). Keep in mind that not everyone will be a good leader which is logical because society couldn’t exist if everyone was a leader.

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The Leadership Mix: Healthcare Execs are Born and Made

From Becker’s Hospital Review:

Are leaders born, or are they made? This is a question that Bryan Bennett often grapples with.

He had always considered himself a natural-born leader. In fact, he focused his career almost entirely around leadership. But when he took one of his first leadership courses, he struggled with the idea that leaders were neither born nor made. In writing one of his books, he settled on an answer — leaders are both born and made.

What’s the challenge in healthcare?

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Why Leadership in Healthcare Matters

Good leadership in healthcare is critical to the success of the industry’s transformation, but it’s the subject few want to discuss. We are fooling ourselves if we believe that technology and data alone will solve the challenges currently facing our healthcare system. The industry is undergoing a significant change and any change management program indicates that executive sponsorship or leadership is a critical success factor. Yet, when I speak at conferences around the world, leadership is the number one topic I receive follow up comments about. The presentation could be on healthcare transformation, population health, precision medicine or healthcare analytics – none of which can be implemented without good leadership. I could spend 5 minutes or 50 minutes on leadership, and have consistently found that leadership is the area people want to comment on the most. It’s the subject no one wants to talk about, but everyone wants to hear about.

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Why We Are Not Producing Better Leaders

We are facing a leadership crisis which impacts all aspects of our lives. It affects us in healthcare, government, business, education and in the church. Lack of leadership is shown when a person in a leadership position puts their own needs or personal agenda ahead of those they are charged to lead. Just because someone is in a leadership position does not make them a leader. You can be in a leadership position (supervisor, manager, director, executive, etc.) and not have any leadership abilities. This is called Positional Leadership and occurs when someone has some position of authority but is not practicing any form of leadership. These people are not usually very effective at what they do and only accomplish what they do because of their authority. They were probably promoted to their position because they did their job well at a lower level, but little evaluation was given to their potential for leadership. The better word to describe them is manager, not leader. We have all known people who fall into this category and, unfortunately, many of us may have worked for them.

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Life Imitating Art in Leadership

I was invited to speak at the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS) annual retreat in mid-July in Bend, Oregon. The presentation was on my foundational approach to implementing healthcare analytics which included a discussion of the importance of leadership. Based on a study my firm conducted in 2015, we discovered that leadership was the top challenge to implementing healthcare analytics. Not data. Not talent. Not technology.

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