State of Population Health Analytics – 2016 Report


Executive Summary

Since 2014, the Healthcare Center of Excellence (HCOE) has been tracking the healthcare industry’s progress towards population health analytics using their proprietary Healthcare Transformation Change Model. This model was developed in 2013 to help healthcare organizations understand the requirements to become an analytics focused healthcare organization. The concepts were based on a customer relationship marketing (CRM) implementation model, previously co-developed by Professor Bennett. The CRM model was considered by Gartner to be one of the top three CRM implementation visions at the time and has become the basis for most successful CRM implementations today.

The 2016 State of Population Health Analytics (SOPHA) study revealed that the overall healthcare industry is making progress but at a slower pace than expected. This is due to the challenge of integrating multiple sources and types of data and a focus on the data and technology to the detriment of people, processes and leadership. Larger healthcare organizations are making more progress than smaller ones due to their greater access to resources.

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