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We perform multiple forms of qualitative and quantitative research. This research includes surveys, quantitative analysis, ethnographic and literature reviews. This is a fabulous time to be in healthcare. There is so much to examine in the healthcare industry it almost makes us giddy. We take this research and create reports for our primary research and create summaries of the literature and articles reviewed for our secondary research. Most of our secondary research comments can be viewed in our blog section. Below are links to our primary research.

Please click on the links below to access our research, models and presentations.

Completed Research:

Upcoming Research:

  • Predictive Analytics Readmissions Scoring
  • Current State of Healthcare Transformation (industry survey)
  • Healthcare Transformation State of Analytics (provider side survey)
  • Healthcare Transformation State of Analytics (vendor side survey)

{If your healthcare organization is interested in taking part in one of our future research projects, please click here to learn more about our projects and how you can participate}


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