Leadership Training Instructor Feedback


Below is some of the Professional Leadership Training (PLT) course instructor feedback we’ve received. We’ve conducted this training for hospitals, surgery centers and mixed industries. The courses have been taught in both the onsite and online environments. If you are interested in taking one of our online self-study leadership courses, please sign up below. If you are interested in us conducting an onsite course or workshop, please contact us. Some comments have been edited for grammar and/or clarity.

Please also review our Course Feedback page.

Please explain your overall rating of the instructor of this course.

  • Bryan was extremely knowledgeable.
  • Efficient and extremely knowledgeable yet relatable and real!
  • Intelligent and dedicated. Instructor had a great presence and made everyone feel welcomed.
  • The class keep me engaged and informed and enlightened.
  • I think he explained the topics very well and utilized storytelling in the process.
  • Bryan is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work and students.
  • Professor Bennett was very knowledgeable on the Leadership process.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, approachable. He has a lot of experience in his field.
  • Bryan was warm, engaging, experienced and knowledgeable.

What specifically did the instructor do well?

  • Professor Bryan used his book Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare, as the tool for teaching the class, teaching how to apply leadership qualities, by assessing leadership abilities, developing leadership vision, reflecting on leadership and how to identify a great coach and or mentor.
  • The flow of the coursework was good. The content built each week rounding out the concepts.
  • Ability to get people to open up and talk during the sessions.
  • Bryan used his leadership knowledge, stories and experience to keep us focused on what is important in leadership.
  • Explained and provided examples of course concepts.
  • It was almost like he was teaching each of us individually.
  • Discuss the success of the leader.
  • Engaged others into participating in class.
  • Organization
  • Communicated the material well.
  • His ability to make correlations were the best.