Leadership Program Assessment


Is Your Leadership Development Program Professionally Built?

Complete the following assessment to determine the differences between your current leadership program and the Professional Leadership Training™ Program.

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1. Is your leadership training process-based versus skills-based, i.e., developing leadership ‘skills’?
2. Is your leadership training implemented as part of a 12-month or longer leadership improvement journey?
3. Is the initial outcome of the leadership training a personalized leadership plan for each individual in the program?
4. Is regular self-reflection and journaling an integral part of the leadership program?
5. Can leadership improvement be objectively measured and are participants reassessed at regular intervals throughout the program?
6. Is leadership considered a lifelong journey where participants are provided and encouraged to study new leadership materials beyond the initial classwork?
7. Is a feedback loop which includes regular coaching and mentoring an integral part of the leadership program?
8. Does the ongoing coaching evaluate areas of individual shortcomings with a plan to achieve improvement?
9. Is the coaching and mentoring performed by external parties?
10. Are the participants encouraged to engage in a long-term personal coaching and mentoring relationship outside of the organization’s leadership program?