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Start With Champions, Not Antagonists – Like the Dancing Shirtless Guy

This article very interesting and contrary point of view towards leadership. Mr. Murphy is right on target though and his concepts are proven by watching how a dancing shirtless guy (see video below) creates a (change) movement. It’s uncanny how dead on he is. The ‘first follower’ would be the same as the champion. Enjoy.

In Change Management, Start With Champions, Not Antagonists

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Social Leadership Lessons from a Man in a Bow Tie

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In May, I attended the Integrate 2015 Conference sponsored by the West Virginia University’s Integrated Marketing Communications graduate program. This is the fifth year for this conference which has gotten better each year. I’ve been an adjunct professor in the program since 2008 and have attended all but one conference. This year featured many outstanding presentations on promotions, public relations, content marketing and so on. The presentations included speakers from Coca-Cola, SeaWorld, RCA Records and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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Process – The Neglected Continuum in Healthcare

Healthcare is undergoing a period of tremendous change, and while EHRs have gotten a great deal of attention, lately, the implementation of an EHR is only the first step in a long journey to becoming a data-enabled healthcare organization.

Process – The Neglected Continuum in Healthcare.

The Root Cause of Many EHR Failures is Poor Leadership

by J. Bryan Bennett

We recently learned of another C-level executive resigning over a failed or challenged EHR implementation (CEO of Georgia Hospital Resigns After Rocky EHR Implementation). These stories are beginning to come with increased frequency as most healthcare organizations are deep into their EHR implementation cycle. If you look closely, the reasons are almost always the same, i.e., lack of physician engagement, difficult implementation time frames or lack of the proper resources. When I read these stories, I usually come to one primary reason for the failure – bad leadership in two distinct areas.

The Root Cause of Many EHR Implementation Failures is Bad Leadership

I.T. blamed in Athens EHR debacle

I’m sure there’s a lot of blame to go around on why this implementation went wrong. I’ve found the bottom line comes down to leadership or lack thereof. It doesn’t matter which solution you’re implementing, if the plan has gaps, it’s going to fail. I said the very same thing several months ago in one of my HIMSS Future Care blogs: “Leadership Skills Needed for a Successful Data Enablement Transformation“.  @enabledhealth

I.T. blamed in Athens EHR debacle