Fay Cobb Payton, PhD, MBA


Fay Cobb Payton, PhD, MBA

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Dr. Fay has conducted research projects in a number of areas, including service learning, data management and analytics, social media, international manufacturing, nonprofit customer relationship management, international retail, health care, social services, community sustainability and City of Raleigh liaison groups. Her experiences include curriculum development and data analyses.

Her American Council on Education Fellowship experience enabled her to participate on an academic college review team to assess business skills, diversity requirements and alignment of curricula to meet AACSB standards. In addition, she investigated public-private-partnerships to create community infrastructure and sustainability among the Business and Industry Committee of the Institute of Emerging Issues. She visited 30 U.S. colleges and universities and several in Ghana to observe and assess these and technology, health care, sustainability and ICT issues.

She works with IT professionals interested in retaining, sustaining and mentoring people of color in executive positions.

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