Michael J. Krzyston, MBA


mike krzystonMr. Krzyston (pronounced Kriston) has extensive experience applying advance analytic strategies to unlock knowledge to drive profitability.  These strategies have won industry awards and have been mentioned in the USA Today. He was the co-founder of Market Knowledge, Inc. (MKI) back in the 1980s which pioneered the implementation of Big Data Cloud analytic applications to drive strategies for Fortune 500 companies, when Big Data was just large datasets. Equifax purchased MKI to gain access to their proprietary analytic technologies they had developed. In 2000, Mike cofounded G2 Knowledge Consulting, as a division of Grey/WPP Inc. Within five years his efforts led to revenue growth that resulted in opening offices in Chicago, New York, San Jose, Dallas, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and Tokyo.

He has extensive experience using advanced analytics to improve healthcare, which includes:

  • Developed a multi-touch point database used to analyze over the counter medication usage;
  • Created a management dashboard for tracking of new patient activity for a networks of over 100 facilities;
  • Analyzed available Big Data to identify new candidates for elective surgery procedure;
  • Measured primary & halo impact of new patient outreach program for a leading elective surgery provider;
  • Designed and deployed new patient sourcing system for a health care provider increasing appointments by 50%;
  • Analyzed customer research to develop a new patient marketing campaign for a health care product.

His advanced analytics experience across other industries that includes:

  • Developed new generation of time series forecasting models which outperformed the prior systems by 20%;
  • Developed customer level profitability metrics for United Airlines and GE Capital;
  • Built computer simulation models for 35 energy firms used in state/federal rate case and capacity planning;
  • Designed and deployed 20+ Cloud data warehouses to support marketing analysis;
  • Developed Big Data warehouses of customer/prospect interactions across all touch points.

He has published three books on emerging market data and numerous articles on analytics. He has spoken at numerous conferences on using information based strategies to improve profits and has extensive international experience in Europe, Asia and South America.

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